Should I get some acting classes in so I can model?

Hi! I’m a 12 year old girl, African american, average height, average weight and people say I’m pretty ( not just family and friends). I want to try acting and modeling, but I have no expirience (unless you count a lead in the school play expirience). Should I get in some modeling and acting classes first?

And when I do, I want to try to audition for jobs like that for free at first. Does anyone know any free audtion sites or anything like that?

Thanks! :D

Answer #1

classes are rip offs

Answer #2

i think that you should definitely get some experience. maybe you could find someone who is a good actress and ask her for her for help. you could sort of be her apprentice over the summer.

Answer #3

Sorry. I didn’t mean to ask the question in Love and Relationships!

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