How much do you get paid in the army?

Just wondering how much you get paid if it is different in all armed forces

Answer #1

The pay isn’t different, though, which is Mikeh is saying…if you looked at the sites as you say, you’d know this. The chart he linked also explains the pay, right there… O.o

Answer #2

I have been to there sites each and every one of the militarys sites

Answer #3

I know im just asking if its different for every armed force

Answer #4

Yes, but if you’ve already read all the sites, then why are you asking?



Question: Do Marines receive the same salary as those in the other services?

Answer: Yes. All the military branches have the same Department of Defense pay scale. This ensures each rank has the same pay, no matter where your son or daughter serves. Specific information can be found at the official Marine Corps web site.

Answer #5

You seem to be asking a lot of questions about joining the military, which is all well and good if that’s the path you want to take. But it’s a little confusing that all of your answers can be found on the army’s web site, yet you’re still asking them here. I would think that anyone who was considering putting their life on the line in the pursuit of their chosen profession would have at least taken the time to read through the information first.

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