Who knows if movie extras get paid and how much?

self explanatory. please . I’d like to know. like background people and super tiny parts like the cashier person who has one line.

Answer #1

I don’t know but I want to know too. I know they dont get payed as much as the big stars but how do you get started? I know there are agencys and crap like that but you never get work and you loose a bunch of money?have pple ever gotten big roles in moves after being a backround or extra in a movie?

Answer #2

they get paid yes, and amounts vary depending on how big you part is. and you get paid more if you have a spoken part. like a lot more. however the best extra’s are those in tv comercials. I have a friend who gets $300 just to stand in the background for adds. so look into that if you want good pay.

Answer #3

They get paid, but not much. Obviously you’d get paid more in a “bigger” role like cashier than just one in a huge crowd. According to moviextras.cm, the average pay for an extra is $64/shoot.

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