How much On Average do Estheticians get paid?

Does anyone know on Average how much Estheticians get paid? I live in Vegas and I’m considering becoming a esthetician and my sister in law as well, she was wondering how much they make? Please let me know IF YOU KNOW THanks.

Answer #1

I searched it for you and this was the best I could come up with I really hope it helps :)

it depends Where you work…a lot of places just go on commission…so the price of a treatment to the client will go (usually half)to you and the business…But- some places also offer a rate on those days that are really slow. You would get paid the higher of the two. Also- check if they offer benefits etc…some places don’t

This is the site I got it from. i;_ylt=Av1JVE2sn.2q2k4UZipe3PojzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=1006033109772

Answer #3

the site that I got it from is not showing up but I got it from yahoo answers sorry about that :)

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