how much should a 15 year old weigh?

I am a 15 year old girl, I weigh 207 pound and am 5’6 I want to loose weight and want to know how much someone my height and age should weigh and what a realistic goal for me is. thanx :)

Answer #1

I’m 13 and weigh 156 pounds I’m on a diet too I workout 3 hours a day and only eat when I’m hungey and most of all watch your carbs I dont eat anything over 200 caloriers and when I’m done eating I workout more and burn the carb I just ate

Answer #2

im 15 and I weigh about 150 an dim 5’4”. I just lost about 20 pounds from deiting the easy way. its called throwing up! I know some people think its really unhealthy but it can make you happy and isnt that all that matters.

Answer #3

your ideal weight would be around 115-125 but realistically 145 , there’s many factors in judging how much someone should weigh. if you wanna lose weight eat a good breakfast in the morning . . munch on vegetables that you like all day , have dinner no junk and dont eat atleast two hours before you go to sleep. I did that for a month, and im skinny to begin with and I lost 8 pounds.

Answer #4

CUT OUT SODA. hands down best way to lose weight without much effort. But to excel you must eat healthy, and excersize

Answer #5

im 15 in 3 months and im about 173 im going to the gym and wakeboarding and stuff. but im trying to only eat when im hungry.. but also im 5’8” so yea dont eat unless you are hungry

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