How many Carrots can I eat before I turn orange?

I was reading Some random facts… and One said If you eat to many carrots your Skin will trn orange… I was Wondering How Many Carrots One person would have to eat to turn orange?

Answer #1

Its true… I gave my baby carrots and the palms of his hands turned orange. I think I’d been giving it to him every day for a few weeks. It went away as soon as I decreased it… not harmful at all. You’d have to eat a few a day I guess, for several weeks.

Answer #2

A lot, my aunt turned orange because she ate tons and tons of carrots for several weeks. It didn’t hurt her and she laid off of the carrots and went back to normal pretty soon.

Answer #3

you’ll never turn orange

Answer #4

What do carrots contain? Beta-carotene. When significant amounts of beta-carotene are consumed, it leads to carotenosis - yellowing of the skin. While carotenosis is harmless, it’s difficult to say how many carrots you need to eat before developing it - it all depends on your body’s ability to burn fats, which is where a lot of the carotenoids are stored, however, it’s not likely that a serving of carrots per day will cause it … perhaps if you ate them for all three daily meals.

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