how jk Can ovarian cyst turn into ovarian cancer?

okay so my mom went to the doc. two days ago and they said she has cyst on he ovaries and it could be cancer I know what cyst are because I’ve had them on my kidneys before but I heard about ovarian cancer and was wondering could the cyst turn into cancer? oh and she has been takeing antibiotics and when I talked to her today she sounded a little better. PS SORRY SO LONG!!

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thank you so much for your advice

Answer #2

Every cycle you get a cyst on your ovary. The growth of a cyst can be very painful. About 6 or 7 months ago I got a cyst on my ovary where I couldn’t even walk. The doctor told me that after my period it should and would go away and I would be back to normal again. I don’t know if your Mom’s doctor did a ultra- sound to make sure it is a cyst. But from my experience I don’t believe a cyst could turn into a ovarian cancer. I could be wrong. But I pray for your Mom. I am sure everything will be ok!

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