How is the best way to talk to my mom about BC?

My mom and I have a strange relationship. When I was younger she got into some bad things that effected the rest of my life. When her and I argue (which tends to happen a lot, being at 16 years old) I bring it up. But neither of us every apologize to the other, and we never talk about what we argued about, we just let it go.

Well, knowing my mom and I do not have the healthiest relationship, I need to get Birth Control. I’ve thought about how to go about asking my mom, but I’m afraid she will react badly. I’m trying to be responsible, even though I have already had sex.

Do you have any advice for me?

Answer #1

Like people have said, you don’t need your mums concent. But if you still want to tell her just because you don’t want to keep a secret or have her find out accidentally herself. Then just tell her that your doing this with or without her concent and that your trying to be responsible and that’s better than her becoming a grandmother.

Answer #2

The thing I’m thinking though is, I’m not sure if I’m comfortable about going behind her back. Yes I’ve hidden not being a virgin from her for a while, but this is something different.

Answer #3

babygirl220 is correct. make an appointment at planned parenthood or your local health department. you can obtain birth control usually for free and without your parents knowledge or consent.

Answer #4

you don’t need your parent’s consent to get birth control. just go to a doctor’s office, explain to them your situation and how your mother and yours relationship is, and ask them for some birth control. it is a law that they have to keep it secret and personal since you are only a teen and that is a very personal item!

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Heaven Answers “How is the best way to talk to my mom about BC?”

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