Why does my boyfriend's mom think she is his girlfriend in a way?

My boyfriends mom freaks out when he hangs out with me. She gets mad when he doesn’t answer her phone call and leaves messages saying I don’t know what I did wrong but you won’ t answer my phone calls. She says what he is doing is wrong and wants him at home every second of the day. She says we are having sex and for one we aren’t and two it isn’t any of her business. He is 23 years old and she wants to control him. I’m sick and tired of it and I don’t know what to do. It feels like he is taking sides with her sometimes.

Answer #1

well hun you need to talk to “him” about that if he doesnt confront or try to change the fact thqt his mother does that then he obviously doesnt care about you that much, but just tell him andd try to sit her down and tell her how you feel about her. but hun, this isnt your responsibility to take care of the “he” needs to.

Answer #2

She’s a mother. Mother’s do that. And he WILL take her side sometimes bc she is his mother. He may just be too immature for a real relationship…age isn’t everything…

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