How is it possable to fall in love through a dream?

I AM TALKING OPEN AND I NEED ADVICE, I DO NOT NEED TO BE CRITICIZED BY MY ACTIONS. How do I begin, I just got back from a deployment to Iraq, and while you are there you get close to people, you know there weaknesses and the good point, there ups and downs, what makes them tick and laugh with one look. You become so close to people in that situation that you will know forever you learn to love and truly care about people when you think not. Well here it goes.. I am the other woman, its a new thing. It hasnt been a long time thing for me.. Hes a great guy but I knew things were wrong with him, when everyone would see him put a smile on. He was a very close friend of mine. We are now back in the states, and I get a text and its him. We started to text and then he asked to see me I was like cool, hes an awesome guy. Things happend with out thinking about them. Him and I have now made a HUGE physical attraction and sexual also. Well I keep having this reoccuring dream and now I find my self falling for him knowing hes married. His wife and him since.. last year have fought and hes an amazing Father so I thinks thats why he stays with her. I guess I need to know if its possable to fall more in love with someone through a dream. I need someone with an open mind and can answer this..

Answer #1

I also served in Iraq for 16 months so I know all about the closeness you get with everyone. They become your brothers and sisters.

Every marriage suffers while half of it is gone. I know you are close to him but he is MARRIED! With a child! Not only are you thinking about luring this man away from his wife which stayed with him throughout his deployment but you are trying to break up a marriage that involves a child. Whether you love him or not you are not his wife nor his child’s mother. You are not an ex-girlfriend.

If you are truly his friend and if you really do love him you will let him work his marriage out. Right now though, you are only destroying his marriage more and causing future pain.

The dream thing is irrelevant.

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