Am I falling out of love?

I have been with “HIM” for 8 months and during the beginning it was the best time in my life, I was so in love, we done almost everything together; walks, movies, eat, shopping, just anything as long as we were together. Now, we hardly ever see one another and when we do, he just wants to sleep, we always argue because he doesn’t like the fact that I have guy friends I talk to, and he won’t let me go out with my girls because he doesn’t want anyone to “hurt” me.. But now we never do anything, our sex life is non - existent now because I have chose not to have any sexual relations with him when he doesn’t have the power to get me to my “point” and it only takes him 5 minutes to get to his. In the past when we did do the deed, it was fast and quick, no foreplay, nothing, we would do the same position each time, nothing new, he isn’t interested in anything new nor will he try it. So my problem is, I have recently began talking to a wonderful guy, he is everything I look for in a guy, and he has asked me out… but I don’t know what to do. I love “HIM” but I don’t believe I’m in love with “HIM” anymore. I am now afraid to do the next step for that I am making the wrong choice. Do you guys think I am making the wrong choice by leaving “HIM” or do you think I should try and work it out with “HIM”???

Answer #1

only you can make yourself happy and you know what you want in a relationship and if HIM is not what that is then kicks his butt to the curve go luckk

Answer #2

Go with what you feel you’ll be happiest with. Dumping a long term boyfriend will be hard but if it makes you happier afterwards it’s worth it.

Answer #3

Your making the right choice becasue your the only one who knows which guy is right for you and if ‘’HIM’’ isnt treating you right then go to this new guy ^.^


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