How is it even possible to get out in space to the other galaxies?

It takes 1 second to get out of the moons orbit in light years. It takes 1 day to get out of the solar system in light years. It takes about 15.2 billion years to get as far as the other galaxies, once again in lightyears. If it only takes 1 second to get out of moons orbit. Imagine how far all the other galaxies are if it takes 15.2 billion years… Think about it people

Answer #1

The universal limit of speed is the speed of light. No mass can go faster that that. So for us to get to a galaxy that would take that long even at that speed, the only way one could ACTUALLY make it there is by some means of cryogenic preservation, kinda like the carbon freezing in the first Star Wars movie. Yet by that time, 15 billion years later, were the astronauts to wake up and send a message to Earth saying they’ve arrived, the people on Earth would be like “what?!?”

Answer #2

The question is – why would we ever want to? Assuming nothing catastrophic happens, like the core of our own galaxy exploding in a chain reaction of supernovae or another galaxy crashing into ours (and we’d still have millions of years of prep time if either one of those happened), why would we need to get to another galaxy? We have 100-400 billion stars in our own galaxy to explore, and the possibility of millions of planets to colonize. Even if light-speed travel were possible (and current thinking says it is not), it will be quite some time before either need of desire will force us to consider going intergalactic.

Answer #3

Baby steps first. Our solar system then (hopefully) the next one. Early humans didn’t try to figure out how to fly to the moon as soon as they had invented the wheel. Maybe mankind will eventually leave the solar system - in the far future - or maybe we won’t. But if we NEVER leave it, that will be our loss.

Answer #4

Beam me up Scotty…problem solved :-)

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