62,000 mile high space elevator operational by 2018?

Federal Triangle By FCW Staff Published on February 8, 2004

The LiftPort Group, in Bremerton, Wash., says that a 62,000-mile commercial space elevator could be operational by 2018.

LiftPort officials propose that a space elevator, constructed from a carbon nanotube composite ribbon anchored to a sea platform, could transport cargo and ultimately humans to the moon, Mars and beyond. Robotic lifters attached to the ribbon would carry cargo such as satellites and solar-powered panels far into space.

“We see the space elevator as an important infrastructure element for the expansion of commerce and human travel into space,” said Michael Laine, LiftPort’s president.

Company officials said such an elevator would reduce launch costs for a savings of up to $20,000 per pound. The company plans two major tests of robotic lifters this year, including one using a high-altitude balloon.

-In response to the article. Is this possible making a 62,000 mile high space elevator in less than 10 years. Keep in mind this elevator is 124,000 times taller than the Burj Dubai and it claims to be functional in less than 10 years. There hasn’t even been a groundbreaking yet! And why does it need to be built to 62,000 miles when the Karmian line to space is at most 62.2 miles which is 1,000 times lower?

Answer #1

I doubt if it’s practical for numerous reasons.

Answer #2

it will be possible one day and who ever tries to gt there will have to pay a lot of money. Imam better off here on earth at this time future to me I will not see good luck in the future to all you space peope that is good a vacation to space science has come a long way

Answer #3

OMG you really think Usa is going to build that after all the terrorist shhit that has been happening around the world. I doubt it. Maybe in 2052 or the next 100 years yeah that’s possible

Answer #4

bbb”In my opinion I think that America won’t build a space elevator. I think Dubai will build it because America does not have the ambition to build tall things” yet america built the tallest buildings in the world (twin towers) then on top of that we build new york, a concrete jungle which has many tall buildings, I’m not saying your wrong, but America does have the ambition to build tall buildings, but theres nothing stopping anyone else to beating us except some money and workers, but other than that, well I had no point I just wanted to say that we do have the ambition to build tall buildings

Answer #5

In my opinion I think that America won’t build a space elevator. I think Dubai will build it because America does not have the ambition to build tall things like Dubai does. Dubai’s skyscrapers are like 100 years ahead of its time and the rest of the world including America. Burj Dubai-950 meters, Mubarak Tower- 1001 meters, Murjan City Super Tall Tower-1,022 meters, Al Burj-1200-1600 meters, AL Jaber/Ethic City-1,852 meters. America, Empire State Building-381 meters, Freedom Tower- 541 meters. You see the difference. America is one century behind Dubai when it comes to technology and skyscraper so Dubai will probably be the only one to build a space elevator this millenium. America might build one after the year 3,000.

Answer #6

Now with this idea…a few things are going to have to happen first, clean up the 100,000 plus man made trash in orbit, predict solar flares/storms and retract 62,000 miles? (I believe its a type-o and they meant 62 miles) of nano fiber. Then get a UN treaty between all nations that will claim air/space rights.To save $20,000 a pound must be 10 year projection of inflation. Cost today is about $10,000 a pound. This could go on and on as the first answer shortly put it.

Answer #7

I suggest you watch the Discovery program “2057” which shows the numerous benefits of a space elevator. It chronicles possible technologies in the year 2057.

Answer #8

Well, That means that we would be trapped in the elevator for months just like in a rocket. No way I would do that. I rather see space through Google images.

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