Winter blues

So,what’s the one thing you can’t do without in winter?

Answer #1

yeah I get the blues badly, I just keep a good workout routine and even hit the tanning beds once in a while, not for a tan cause I aint that vain but for the vitamins that make ya happy again. Stay active. But far as what I cant do without…SKIING!!! im pumped

Answer #2

Vitamin D3…the sunshine vitamin. Also natural light or even light from a sun lamp to keep you healthy until the real sun is available again. Other than that you may enjoy a good looking person of the opposite sex…but a furry dog will do as well. Stay warm and avoid people with the flu.


Answer #3

Sledding!FUN!I went on Sat.and it was FUN!!!I was on the floor laughing.

Answer #4

I love wearing nice warm clothes…ear muff and everything and when its nighttime and near christmas…since I live in washington..I go to downtown seattle at night with my friends or fam and see all the pretty lights. its nice! it would be romantic if I went with…[somebody] blushblush

Answer #5

haha ill go with you…if I didnt live in new brunswick canada

Answer #6

sledding haha me and my wife always get all these ridiculous clothes on and take a card board box and sled down the hill in them!!

Answer #7

Thats wicked can I join in?

Answer #8

Warm clothes?

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