How to winter camp question?

Well, in mid february, my Boy Scout troop is going camping. In tents. In the snow. Come on guys, you’ve all been there, not wanting to get up out of your sleeping bag just because it’s too freaking cold out there. I was wondering if anybody had tips for getting up and dressed in a tent in extreme cold weather, to help stay warm. (ps for other camping tops of any sort, funmail me)

Answer #1

Get several sets of insulation fleece clothes. Wear them instead of a pyjama. And wear them underneath your normal clothes. Sleep with a cap to keep your ears warm.

Find a warm place (the bathrooms of the camping site, inside of a car or anything similar) where you can change. If this is not against your standard of personal hygiene, you might want to wear the same set of clothes for 24h each.

have fun the sheep

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