How do you transfer music onto someone else's ipod from your comp?

Okay so I told my friend I would put some music on his ipod from my computer, but how do I do that?? I’m afraid his ipod will sync with my computer and mess it up. any advice would be good…thanks!

Answer #1

I have a mac. but the problem is he wants to keep his other music and just add some of mine…how can I do that??

Answer #2

Get the USB cord for the person’s Ipod and plug it in to your computer.

Answer #3

Don’t worry. If you plug his ipod into your computer it will only get rid of the music on his ipod and sync yours onto it.

Answer #4

use a usb, and hook it up… if your pc is so f’ed up that your device wont read, you dont need to have a pc… = ]

Answer #5

I think you can try iMacsoft iPod to Mac Transfer.

It can fast transfer, rip, copy and manage your music, videos, photos, podcasts and TV Shows between iPod/iPhoneand Mac and add them to your local iTunes library.

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