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Countries are undergoing a rapid expansion of digitisation and technological advancements. It touches nearly all aspects of life, individually and institutionally. Furthermore, the surge in digitisation has grown operational efficiency and service delivery in all the key sectors of public and commercial importance. The 2017 World Payments Report (WPR) predicts that “non-cash transaction volumes will record a CAGR of 10.9% during 2015- 2020E.” The government of Ghana is seeking to harness the...

About ATL Money Transfer

Who we are

Welcome to ATL Money Transfer, your go-to service provider for sending money from the United Kingdom to Ghana. We are proud to be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ensuring that your transactions are secure and reliable. With ATL Money Transfer, you can trust that your money will reach your loved ones in Ghana in a timely manner.

What we Do

At ATL Money Transfer, we specialize in providing a seamless and efficient way for you to send money online to Ghana. We offer super rates and the lowest fees in the market, making us the top choice for individuals looking to transfer funds to their friends and family in Ghana. Whether you prefer an instant bank transfer, a transfer to a mobile wallet, or cash pickup at The Royal Bank locations in Ghana, we have you covered.

When you choose ATL Money Transfer, you can rest assured that your recipient will receive the funds quickly and securely. Our instant account transfer service allows you to enter the bank details of the recipient and check eligibility for an instant bank transfer in Ghana. For those who prefer a transfer to a mobile wallet, we support all major mobile operators in Ghana, including MTN, Airtel, Tigo, and Vodafone. Additionally, our cash pickup option at The Royal Bank locations ensures that your recipient can easily collect the funds at their convenience.

Why you should use us

There are several reasons why you should choose ATL Money Transfer for your money transfer needs. First and foremost, we offer the best rates and the lowest costs for sending money from the United Kingdom to Ghana. Our transparent fee structure ensures that you know exactly how much you are paying for the service, without any hidden charges.

Moreover, our online platform makes the process of sending money abroad simple and hassle-free. With ATL Money Transfer, there are no queues, no paperwork, and no stress. You can initiate your transfer from the comfort of your own home or office, saving you time and effort.

Whether you are sending money to support your family, make mortgage payments, cover supplier invoices, or meet general living expenses, ATL Money Transfer is here to provide you with the financial backup you need. Trust us to deliver your funds securely and promptly to your loved ones in Ghana.

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Contact us today for all your money transfer needs from the United Kingdom to Ghana. Trust ATL Money Transfer for reliable and efficient service.

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