How do i change the format of these pics?

I have to put these pics on a DVD, but I can only get half of them on there because the other half are in the wrong format. How can I change the format?

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Use MS comes with all Microsoft Operating systems, and you don't have to buy another program to do it.

Open paint...get your picture...then 'Save As'...there is a drop down list of different formats...choose the one you want.


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You can change the file format pretty easily. Just open them up in a graphics program such as Microsoft Paint, Photoshop, GIMP or whatever you have installed. Then go to *File*, and then click *Save As*. In the next thing that pops up there you will be able to change the name, if desired. Beneath *File Name* is a *Save as type* option. You click there, and then you select the type that you need, then hit *Save*.

That should do the trick.

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More easy, rename the picture and put "picturename.jpg" add the extension .jpg or change it

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