How to get rid of the motion feeling?

I was at the ocean all day long, and now that im home, im trying to take a nap. But from being in the waves all day, I feel sort of dizzy and disoriented, and it feels like im still in the waves. It feels like my body is sitll being tossed around in them..this happens to me and my best friend everytime we go to the ocean.but right now, I’d like to sleep.

How do I get rid of it?!

Answer #1
  1. Let Music Take You Higher. Turn on your favorite music and sing! Have fun with it! Sing, dance, play an instrument.

  2. Get enough sleep. We all function better, think clearer, feel more refreshed and less stressed once we get into the habit of getting enough sleep.

  3. Exercise. Lift your mood with some aerobic exercise or weight lifting or some other physical activity since doing so boosts your body’s natural mood


Answer #2

~eat something ~ then try 2 go 2 sleep


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