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Can people really "sense" things?

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Sometimes I'll get a weird feeling just totally out of the blue, and then later I'l find out something bad happened when I got or had that feeling. Or I'll become upset over nothing or become more upset over something that I normally wouldn't. I've had pains when my best friend was in labor (not knowing she was in labor at that time either), and chest pains when my grandpa was having acid reflex issues. I saw someone I knew between classes and had and had a strong urge to stop and go outside (he was standing just outside the door, back facing the door so I could see him but he couldn't see me.) I wasn't sure if it was him and I really needed to use the bathroom before class so I didn't. Found out later it was indeed him and he was getting the news that his dog had died. Yeah, I should have stopped. Just a bunch of odd little stuff like that. Makes me wonder if people can really "sense" stuff like that without knowing what's going on.