How do I win this girl over?

Hi, my name is david, I’ve met this girl at a company I just came to, and its in the middle of nowhere in the bush…anyway, we both like each other a lot and we are attracted to each other, but the only problem is, is that she’s got a boyfriend with whom she’s dating long distance… now im not a guy that can express myself personally to her, but I do music as a hobby and I wrote her a song and recorded it, and expressed myself in the song on how I really feel about her… she came to me and she listened to it, after the song she made a move, and we kissed… 2 days afterwards she came back to me and said that she cannot give me more than friendship, because it would just be unfair to leave her boyfriend to take me with no reason, but after the talk she asked for one more kiss, and it was 1 minute longer than the previous one we had, and then moved up to suckle my earlobe, (sorry for going into detail), and then gave me a short kiss again, and that was it… im really into this girl, and I need to change her mind about taking me How do I win her over???

Answer #1

There is really no way to win her over - she’s obviously confused. She basically cheated on her boyfriend with you, then told you she wanted a friendship, then cheated on her boyfriend again…that’s ridiculous. Honestly, she is unhappy with her boyfriend but is not ready to leave him for anyone else. She was intrigued by the romanticism you displayed. However - you’re not her first choice. She’s already playing games with you and being indecisive about what she wants. That should be enough to reconsider the situation. If she is doing this to her boyfriend, she will most likely do it to you. I understand your situation though. Pressuring her and chasing her will not work. She will enjoy the attention and delay the decision making process for as long as she can. Even if she does break it off with him, she will not cut all ties with him immediately. If you really want to win her over - then I would suggest the following. Continue to speak to her…act gentlemanly…be nice…BUT back off. No romantic ploys. You’ve done your part. Do not chase her…This will keep her wondering. Make her work to get you. Do not kiss her. Let ker kiss you. Be the first to end the conversation…etc. I know it will be hard, but it will work to your advantage. This may not guarantee a drama free relationship, but she’ll definitely want you more (as you’re already experiencing drama). Good luck!

Answer #2

welll david… just take things slow..if shes really interested in u then shell come back..but just think..if she kissed u and made a move on u while she has a can u trust her that she wont do that to u w/ another guy..?..but anyways just think about it..go for it if u really like her..just be careful!

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