I like a girl that has a boyfriend but how do i win her over

ok im 15 years old so there's this girl that I've known for about 6 months. I met her because she was my ex's friend. but the problem was that I fell in love with her. rightnow I go to the same high school as her, she's a freshman and im a sophmore. I usually take her to some of her classes and we talk but im afraid she only thinks of me as just a friend. she has been going out with this other freshman for about a week now and I feel hopeless. she tells kind of a lot about her personal life and I feel like im in the friend zone. and besides I hate her boyfriend because he thinks he's the shite and he's a ll cocky, but she doesn't know. I've tried letting go but I can't. what should I do or how do I win her heart over ???

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Dude, she's off limits, try and accept that. Your opinion of him doesn't affect her views towards him. He may be one of the best boyfriends she's ever had. The most you can do is just be there when she needs you. But other than that, you'll have to learn to move on.

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Dont overstep the boundaries of friendship, because its obvious she just sees you as a friend. Respect her, her boyfriend, and their relationship! Find someone thats available.

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