How do I tell my mentor that I was touched in a not cool way

Okey. My mom knows and shes trying to make me get a pelvic exam. I dont know what that is. So I went back to school and tried to talk to my mentor and she wont talk to me. My mom told my mentor what I told my mentor and now she wont talk to me. Every time I try to talk to her she says if its something not cool shes going to tell my do I get her to talk to me because theirs a lot more that I want to tell her but she just cuts me off. Every time I write her a note she will rip it up and not even read it. Every time I text her she wont respond, shell go and tell my mom. What should I do?

Answer #1

I answered what a pelvic exam is on on of you previous questions.

Your mentor is right in telling your mother that people have sexually assaulted you. Remember that you are still a minor, and your mother is responsible for you- she’s there to protect you, love you, and get you the necessities you need. In this case, if you were raped or sexually assaulted, I think your mum should know. Your mum wants you to get a pelvic exam to make sure you haven’t contracted any sexually transmitted infectionss that you’re healthy down there, and if there’s still DNA in there from your attacker’s semen, a swab would be taken so they could match the DNA to a suspect.

Anyway, back to your mentor. Your mentor is telling you that she’s got to be straight up with your mother when it comes to your safety. She can’t keep those kinds of secrets from your mother, and it’s wrong of you to expect that of her. Your mentor can’t really be your mentor until you understand and accept that anything that you say to her that puts you in danger needs to be shared with your mum.

Answer #2

First of all, what would she tell your mom? “Your daughter is bothering me about being molested?” Thats REALLY strange! Its possible that your mentor went through the same thing and doesn’t want to relive it but that is no way to do her job! Ask her straight up why she won’t listen to you in your time of need. If she won’t answer you she is a terrible person for ignoring something like molestation.

Answer #3

go and talk to your mentor and ask her why shes not talking to you if she keeps talking just talk over her dispite what she says she will her and she will think abooout it and it will eat at her and you should get a response eventually. and then you should be able to talk to her freely once the under lying issue is out of the way

Answer #4

whats a mentor?

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