How do I tell my boyfriend I think im miscarrying?

ok Im 16 and my boyfriend 17. Please don’t tell me all this I’m to young stuff to be having sex and all that.But I think I may be pregnant. But I have been bleeding and having pain in my lower back. I believe it could be an Miscarriage. I know a lot about being pregnant and what not because I wanna be a obgyn. So thats what give me a clue to think what im thinking. How do I tell my boyfriend thats what I think it may be??

Answer #1

Just remember everything happens for a reason but sometimes a lot of females bleed and have stressful pregnancy’s you just would have to check with a doctor asap because it really could be something else that is the problem

Answer #2

look if he really loves you he will not mind! and he feels gd about it your lucky .. and you should see a dctr its better!

Answer #3

Well, I think the first question here is, does he know you may be pregnant? If so, how does he feel about it?

We can’t very well offer you any pertinent advice unless we understand the situation fully…other than that, all I can say is, just tell him if you think it’s important.

Answer #4

Well, first of all you need to see a doctor. Misscarriage can be dangerous to you as well and in some cases even call death. Second, take a pregnancy test. Even if you are misscarrying you should have enough of the pregnancy hormone to pass a pregnancy test. That would also give you a better idea. Plus, does your boyfriend even know you are pregnant?

Answer #5

I am very sorry to hear that! First off, you should be taking it easy and seeing the doctor. Self diagnosis is not acceptable when you are pregnant. Lets face it, there is no easy way to tell him. That is not something you can soften up or coat with sugar. Maybe you could tell him something does not feel right and take him along when you go to the doctor. Good luck and take care!

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