How do I survive going to a new school.. tips please?

We’re moving.. again. Yipee. And this school I’m going to is really big. Yes, I’ve moved in the past. But I was little. And now I’m going to be a junior starting out in this new school. I’m pretty much spazing over it, though because the school I go to now has a population of like, 300 students & this one has 1,000 (at the high school) sooo, yeahhh. Anyone who has some advice will be helpful. :)

Answer #1

just try and make some friends dont try to act popluar this kid came to my school last week and now this week he acts like he is popular but he is really a loser good luck

Answer #2

I’ve moved plenty of times from school to school and I do understand that it is sooo scary but I just stayed myself and made friends in no time. it is really easy, even though we give you this advice though I know it doesn’t stop the nerves so breathe deepley if you get too shaken up, good luck! x

Answer #3

I’ve moved plenty. It’s going to be fine, as long as you try to talk to people and put in an effort, people will notice. It won’t be all that bad, just look at it as a new experience. You may learn to like it. At each new school that I’ve been to, which is like 4-5, I’ve always told myself that I’d hate it. Just give it some time, and you’ll get used to it. :)

Answer #4

you should just relax and don’t try to hard to fit in. if you try to hard then people wil tease you for trying to hard.but always remember try to avoid the bad crews. give it a couple of day to adjust and figure everything out. then someone is going to walk up and start talking to you. good luck in your new school.

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