How do I stop her from crying?

Ok my best friend is really sensitive and today at lunch this JERK called her fat rite infront of her face and infront of the cafeteria(she is kinda big but I don’t care) anyway he was laughing and the whole lunch room was too she was ok during school but now she just broke down in tears what should I do to help her feel better ??

Answer #1

She’s allowed to cry. Just because a person is not crying does not mean they feel better. If it helps her to cry then allow her to cry. Then just talk to her. So what if she is kinda big. People are stupid and he’s an idiot. He probably has a lot of insecurities and was trying to draw attention away from himself. What’s important is how your view yourself. If you know that there’s nothing wrong with you, then no one can hurt you. He is obviously an insecure idiot who has such low self esteem that he needs to try and make other people feel bad. Does she really want to take someone that pathetic seriously? And listen, just be there. Dont worry so much about saying the right thing. You’re a good friend. That in itself is a comfort to people. Dont ever underestimate the power of I love you, I care about you, I’m here for you. And dont make this about her weight. If he’d said she was stupid or ugly, it would have had the same effect (and it would have been just as ridiculous)

Answer #2

POOR GIRL!!!Tell her that he just wanted attention and he got it but not in the good way.Tell her that he just said that b/c he just doesn’t like himself.I went through that!Tell her she has a lot of people that love and care about her!Tell her when she goes to school to hold her head up head up high and smile.If they see that she is fine and with a smile on her face,they will drop it in a little bit.You have no idea how many times I went through that!!!I only have a face that a parent could love.

Answer #3

Awww! - if she’s really that fat then don’t lie to her, tell her in the nicest possible way that she might have to lose some weight, but it happens to lots of people! Or you could not tell her at all but encourage her to eat healthily and maybe start a sports club with her so she can lose weight and not even realise it. Keep telling her good things about herself, and tell her she shouldn’t let what other people say to bother her

‘Someone is always going to judge you, whatever you do/say/look like, you can’t help that. Even celebrities get it, the toned ones… just be yourself, live beyond your imperctions and you will have a happy life’ :D tell her that. I hope she cheers up soon. XD

Answer #4

well she must have a low self her that its not all about what other people think..that guy is a real douche bag fer that btw…anyways.. just let her know that she is a wonderful person and that a lot of people love her fer who she is.. she is a way better person than that guy and theres no need to care about what other people say because there nobodys..they like to make others feel bad because deep down there sad and lonely and dont like themselves… and also tell her to stand up for herself if it really bugs her..she shouldnt let people tell her stuff to her face like that..

Answer #5

Try telling her that you don’t agree she’s fat but maybe go why don’t we both go and a diet together I did this and me and my friend lost weight :) Or say he’s pathetic and tel her to ither whack him or say something worse back about himself? :) I get bullied so I just say iit all back Maybe tell a teacher?

Answer #6

Thanks guys I’ll try

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