How do I stop getting rashes on my arms when I do dishes?

Ok so I have told my mom about when I do dishes I get a rash on my arm from the water running down it but she says oh ull live and wont hear any more of it they make my arms itch in class and it really bugs me I have tried using lotion but that makes it worse adn when I use baby powder it just dryes out my skin adn makes it more red what can I do to stop this

Answer #1

Have you heard of that new dish washing soap with olay. It softens your skin and makes it better. You should try that one.

Answer #2

I’ve tried all that stuff nothen helps

Answer #3

maybe you are alergic to the soap? change soap.

Answer #4

Where cleaning gloves when you do them.

Answer #5

Where long gloves when you do the dishes

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