How do I select the best person to give my cat to?

It’s a long story, but the bottom line is that I have to find a home for my cat. My son & I live in a duplex apartment and we’re not allowed to have cats. We are both disabled. About 7 years ago, a cat came up in our yard and we started feeding him, thinking he was a stray. Come to find out, he did have an owner but the owner, who lived down the street was moving and asked if we would take care of the cat. The guy had another cat and they didn’t get along.

So, we’ve been taking care of him all this time. Now the cat has special needs. He just had surgery to have his left eye removed and he has a limp. The Vet says it was from fighting other cats so we had him neutered and he likes to stay inside a lot more.

That would be fine, except for our landlord, who hates animals and doesn’t allow them. I know we shouldn’t have started letting the cat in and feeding him but his owner just left him and, now, we are very attached to him. The landlord (elderly couple) come to town and stay in th other side of the duplex about once a moth for 2 or 3 days. We have to hide the cat and keep him from meowing and, of course, we could get kicked out if they knew. We can’t move because of our disabilities, so the Vet suggested that he might try to find a home for him.

The question is, how are we going to know who the right person is. We plan to put an ad in the paper and do interviews. Don’t say that ‘we will just know’ who the right person is because we made a mistake a few years back and I regret giving a pet to the wrong person. Sometimes, people seem nice at first, then you find out they aren’t.

Thanks for any suggestions and be nice.

Answer #1

phrannie - EXCELLENT answer. I really like the nursing home idea!

and katwoman, that is the beauty of a nursing home. there is not a lot of hustle and bustle.but there are a lot of laps to sit upon while toonces is being petted.

Answer #2

Find a nice sweet person who would take good care of your cat, someone you trust, and wouldn’t let anything happen to your cat. Hope I helped!:)

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true, I’ll check it out.

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Is there really no way to convince your landlord to keep him? This is really sad. Maybe if you explained to him how important this is to you? I hope you can find a happy solution.

When I had to give away my cat I started by telling all my friends. It’s always better to go through someone you know. Then if you can’t find anyone that way, try a local add at the vets, cat food shop or grocery store. The reason I say local is because you might be able to visit the cat at his new home if he lives close by. That way you will be reassured. Either way, when you have someone who is interested take the time to interview them (that’s what animal shelters do!). Ask them if they’ve had pets before, why they want a cat, if they think they can afford him and if they will let you visit him. That way you can get a feel for the person and the new life your cat will have. You’ll know for sure if you take the time to talk to the person.

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Thanks, everyone, for your ideas and, phrannie, That’s something to think about, but (Toonces) is scared around a lot of people. I will, definitely, talk to my son and see what he thinks. And we won’t hurry, for sure. Every time I think of giving him away, I get very depressed. Not only are we attached to him but he’s attached to us. I have to be in bed most of the time and I can’t begin to tell you how close we are.

Answer #7

Phrannie you are awesome !

After my wreck I quickly figured out that I was not able to care for my ferrets the way they deserved to be so I contacted a couple of the local vets in my area and asked them if they knew of anyone that would take them. We found a guy that already had several of them and had a room in his house dedicated to his ferrets.

Think about it. If someone loves their pets then they are going to make regular visits to the vet. What better place to find someone to care for your cat.

Answer #8

exemples of families not to give him to: ones with lots of small children(children will regualy annoy him and could injure him). ones who’s cat got killed by a car ones with other cats(he’d probably fight and injure himself)

Answer #9

Don’t let yourself get desparate to get the cat rehomed…desparation tends to lead us humans down a path of “wishful thinking”…

I just had a “flash” of intuition…What about a nursing home for the elderly?? This kitty has had a rough life…what a wonderful way to live out the rest of his…being loved and coddled by some old folks…and he, in turn, will lower their blood pressure, bring them some joy, and ease lonliness…The nursing homes around here sure do have pets in them…Call around and check them out.


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