How do I make my skateboarding shoes last longer?

I skate a lot everyday even when it rains snow anything. I have inside park but, I only keep shoes for a month if im lucky and im trying to get sponsored by a shoe company but I dont know where to send any im running out of money help me.

Answer #1

Ok-since the rain is going to do a lot of damage to them I suggest you get some waterproof spray from a hardware store and give your shoes a good layer of the stuff. id put 1 layer on once every week. I use it for my snowboard boots but they should work just fine for you skateboarders

Answer #2

get STRONG shoes not commercial skating shoes you dont have to look like a skater to be a skater.

Answer #3

maybe get a thick glue and adhesive stuff and ‘paint’ the soles of your shoes with it to thicken the soles- if thats whats the problem.

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