What shoes are better to wear for mountain climbing, if hiking shoes are too heavy for me?

I am going to climb the Alps, I want to choose a light and safe pair of shoes ,give me some advice.thanks

Answer #1

Try trail running shoes? They have excellent grip and are much lighter than hiking shoes. I hike with them. Check out the brand solomons for a start.

Answer #2

sneakers?? a good brand, some are made good for hiking. Just ask someone there like go to D!ck’s sporting good store they have tons of good sneakers for that.

Answer #3


Answer #4

cleaks?? they work good for grip-edge and stabablilty

Answer #5

tennis shoes!!

Answer #6

tennis shoes!!

Answer #7

umm welll im a skater and our shoes are made to grip on our boards maybe you should try them

Answer #8

u have to vear hiking shoes……..it gives u better grip and its long lasting other shoes loose their grip easily

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