How do I make my cat less timid?

I got my cat almost 2 years ago now he is a rescue cat, whn I first got him he was very timid and it took me ages to even get him to come out to eat. All this time later and he is still quite timid he jumps at noises hides when people come into the house etc, however he is fine around me. He is a house cat.

Answer #1

I agree with Ty…every cat has it’s own personality…his timidness doesn’t necessarily come from being a rescue. My cat was born under my bed, had the same home for 16 years…Never had bad human/cat experience , to my knowledge. BUT, I had friends who didn’t even know I had a cat…the second he’d see a stranger around, he’d disappear till they left…

Just accept him as he is…


Answer #2

Nah. They’re happier being left alone. He’s just checking things out when he’s peeking. If he thinks it is ok to come out, then he will. Until then he’ll occupy himself. As long as he’s not freaking out (hair raised, this really creepy yowling thing they do when they’re terrified) he’s ok. You’re a good owner, I’m sure your cat is doing just fine.

Answer #3

thanks, I mean I suppose, but I do have people around quite often and I feel that he must be uncomfortbale hiding - he peeks out like he wants to come over. The only time when he will come out around new people is if they have been in my flat for ageees and he realises they are not a threat.

Answer #4

I dont know if you can. My cat’s been with me for about 2 years, she still does the same sorts of things. Exposure would be the only way (like having people around all the time). But that would probably just stress him out. As long as he’s happy and healthy, does it really matter? Some cats are just not people cats. They’re one person cats. Trying to change their nature may not be the best thing for them.

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