Do cats make house smell bad?

My parents dont want to get me a cat because they think that it will make the house smell bad ?

Answer #1

I can usually smell if people have cats. but like lex said, if you are on top of the upkeep it’s not so bad. if you are one of those people that let the dishes sit overnight… I wouldn’t recommend it. definately invest in one of those self cleaning litter boxes. well worth it.

Answer #2

Definitly not. If you provide good care for the cats it wont smell bad. I have 4 cats and a dog and people find it hard to believe because you cant smell either of them. I clean the litter boxes daily and take well care of my animals and thats why they don’t smell.

Answer #3

I don’t think so, provided the cat is able to toilet outside. If it’s a kitten, it’ll need to learn to use a litter box first, and that can smell pretty nasty, but if you change it regularly, and use litter deodoriser, you should be fine.

Answer #4

you should give her a shower every week!! (I do used to do that every friday) I used to have a cat with it’s 3 kittens, they never smelled bad!!!

Answer #5

If you have your cat spayed or neutered? If you change it’s litter box daily? Cats do not smell it is the litter box or if a cat sprays because you didn’t get it fixed or keep it’s box clean.

Answer #6

yea they do they pee all over the place

Answer #7

Ditto to magichalo…Keep the box clean, and get the cat fixed = no smell.


Answer #8

the litter box but not just one cat

Answer #9

yes cats make your house stink! you smell it your self!!!

Answer #10

right on! fixed cat + clean litter box = no smell

Answer #11

no. My cat smells just fine. (unless I forget 2 clean his litter box)

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