How do i make everything look smaller on my computer?

Everything has been magnified! D:
aaah D:

how do I change this on my computer so everything is smaller?
what do I do?

not ctrl + scroll ><

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how do you make the computer screen smaller so you can see everything on the screen

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1280 x 800 is a wide-screen setting --- It's actually 1280x768 on my screen

You're looking for numbers like 800x600(probably too big), 1024x768, 1280x1024

You're looking for options where the 2 numbers are kind of close together in numbers... which would make the screen non-wide.

Since you can TEST each screen setting, simply try each one until you get the one you like, and then select OK when it comes to the test screen. If your monitor can not handle it, then the screen may black out --- don't panic, simply wait about 15 seconds and it will return to the settings screen on its own.

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Right click your desktop and click properties.
Go to settings and then move the screen resolution to 1280 by 800

screen size
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Right click on your desktop and click on Properties> Settings and set your Screen Resolution to your preferred size.

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I know but when I do that it goes widescreen :S

how do I make my computer settings smaller?

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