How do i loose chubby cheeks?

I got chubby checks and I dont like there any way you can lose weight on your face?

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I'm in my mid 20s and still have the chubby cheeks, even though I'm thin otherwise. I don't think I'll grow out of it. They do fluctuate though.

Chocolate, butter, donuts, and really salty foods all make the cheeks flare up, for me at least.

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it might be your baby fat.

thats what mine are,

it should eventually go away.
when you loose all your baby fat.

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Chewing gum might help with cheak loss im not sure but I am sure that it also creates extra stomach acid which can lead to health problems and so on and so forth

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yes there is a way CHEW A LOT OF GUM!!! YES I'M SERIOUS! DON'T LAUGH!

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ciggerate nicotine helps,but dont chow too much or elseu will have inverted cheeks

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yeah rgt chew lotsss of gums you can atleast 2 tyms a day if you r really havin chubby cheeks...

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I've got chubby cheeks but I like em there cool if you want to loose your chubby cheeks you r gay and smell of cat wee and fish mixed 2gether 4 a year then froze to make ice lollies!!!

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I tell you what.. chewing gum is NOT going to help.. I have baby cheeks before and they are not that big until I chew gum for like a few months. chewing gum would make your cheeks bigger. This is a real life experience and im not joking like others on the internet cause they never tried it. I tried it and it's terrible..
chewing gum..

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There are ways to lose chubby cheeks with programs that are designed for targeting specific areas for fat loss, or toning. The best course that I have found is the Face Fitness Formula, but you can see the top three programs at

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As I said for baby fat, a good way to loose weight all over is to do aerobic exercises like running. You'll be surprised by how much weight you shed by running.

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I have the same problem, later on imma try sumthn my momma tells me to do. get a raw egg and juss rub it all over your face and cheeks, I know it seems nasty but it really works it get rid of like loose skin and it also repairs your skin for a nice and healthier look, it sort of makes your cheeks like a slimmer look...try it, good luck :)

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I have some serious chubby cheeks too even though I'm really skinny. Here are some possible solutions.

The first exercise you should do would be to touch both of your wrists together and tap your cheeks for about 1-2 minutes-not hard though, but the strength that feels most comfortable.

Another exercise would be to suck in your cheeks for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute. that should get your muscles used to it.

The last exercise you should do would be to chew gum very often. It cleans your teach while slimming your face. (P.S. Don't do all these exercises at the same time. It might mess up your face muscles.

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i have chubby cheeks as well. at first i hated them trying to get rid of them. but people keep noticing how cute they were on me so i left them.
but if you want to loose them, cadio helps a lot.

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i'm not sure if there is, but you should like your face just the way it is, try some make-up and see how it goes, or rub ur cheeks in a circular motion with your hands for about 45 seconds a day

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ok listen to this go about 2 days no food just water then take 1 day for food just salad and water then keep repeating hard to do I know but I use to have a beer belly and its fading fast DONT DO THIS FOR TOO LONG YOU MAY FEEL WEAK AND FAINTY TRY IT FOR A WEEK SEE HOW IT GOES , GOOD LUCK.

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chubby cheeks can come from liver problems, water retention from a high salt diet, excessive toxic buildup in the body, and of course poor choices in diet. try excercise, facial massages, ice packs can help, or natural diuretic herbs like dandilion root exctract.

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use a contour powder, suck in your cheeks and apply it on that region
it will create a slimmer effect

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I know, I have very chubby cheeks, though I am otherwise really thin. choclate, coffee , tea, salty food, any food with lemon in it seem to bloat up my face. the only thing that helps is when I do a chemical diet like the banana diet..but the effect just remains for the time im doing the diet

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I have the same thing! I am very skinny otherwise, so chubby cheeks on me aren't so nice looking, so I look sort of out of proportion! :( but I really do think that these things will help! :)

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