How do I know when im ready to have sex?

Im 18 and still a virgin, I’ve been waiting for that special someone. I got a boyfriend and we’ve been together almost 3 months now! He said we’ll do it whenever im ready, but the thing is I dont wanna keep him waiting.. And I think im ready. Because when were kissing/snogging sometimes temptation takes over and I feel as though im ready!

Answer #1

Well you feel ready at the time but do you feel ready when you are not doing that? You shouldnt ever lose your virginity to a guy just to keep them interested or to please them. Its up to you. If you feel you are ready when you are not kissing etc then you should only if YOU are the one who wants to and not because of any other reason. Temptation is horrible and it kills you inside when you cant but you have to think about is this what you truly want? Have you talked to him about it? If not I think you should because talking about it comes WAYY before actually doing it. If you can talk about it you are a step closer to being ready. :) x

Answer #2

3 months is not long enough to truly know someone, what if you decide to have sex with him and then he breaks up with you? Then you would have wasted your virginity on a douche. I mean if he is not a virgin he will just have another notch on his bed-post to brag about how he corrupted a virgin. You gotta think of guys as sneaky, and even though they may seem sooo sweet and innocent you just can’t believe EvErYtHiNg they say. You will know when you are ready, nobody else can tell you when you are ready, we aren’t you! Good Luck :)

Answer #3

We all know how serious && sensitive this topic is. We might think of it just as a ‘fun or good time’ but truth is, there is so much to it. If you are having ANY doubts then you are NOT ready. When you are ready for sure you will be 110% sure you want to. Remember you want no regrets, therefore don’t do anything you’re not really sure of.

-Hope this helps.

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