How can I tell my girlfriend im ready for sex, even if she isnt?

me and my girlfriend have been going out for about 8 months. we have made out and I’ve touched her breasts, but now I feel like the relationship has leveled off and is getting kinda boring in the passion department. im ready for a more intimate relationship, possibly involving sex, but im pretty sure she doesnt. how can I bring this up without making me sound like a whore just wanting sex?

ps we are both virgins, and both 18

Answer #1

Well thats the thing…

When you guys love eachother so much and everything you both are ready to have sex.

Talk to her, I mean she has to be ready too and don’t pressure her, its a big step and eveything, is something that both of you should discuse.

Answer #2

tell her how much you love her and you think that you should move to the next level and that you don’t want to make her do anything she don’t want to tell her the worst thing that she can do is say no and if she know that you are ready maybe she will be too. always tell her what you are thinking

I hope I was help bye

Answer #3

Just because two people love each other does not mean you are ready for sex. Sex complicates things sometimes and it can even ruin it…don’t get me wrong it is great and can bring a lot of passion into the relationship too. You should talk to her about it, but it sounds like you already know she is not interested in sex yet. If she isn’t you can’t really do anything to change her mind because then you will look like a man-w* just wanting sex.

Answer #4

You defiantly have to talk to her about it because you never know she might be ready.Always have to talk about these things

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