How do I know if the married man im seeing really loves me?

I’ve been seeing him for about two months he has three kids he tells me he is gunna leave his wife an move in on his own but I don’t know what to think anymore an he tells me he loves me we have already had sex like 3 times but he didn’t tell me he loved me until after the three times that we had sex now he says he don’t want me too say it back unless I mean it did I make a mistake by saying I love you back

Answer #1

Right. You’re beyond a cliche. Seriously, you want to know if a married man loves you? it doesnt exist. If he loved you, he wouldnt be married.

Answer #2

If he really loved you, atleast more than his wife, he’d divorce her instead of just saying he will. Actions speak louder than words. He may just be staying with her because of the kids, but if thats the reason he’s not putting you in a ‘loving’ position. Unless he actually takes the steps to leave his wife there’s no way to know if he thinks of you as just his ‘side hoe’ (no offense). I’m not critisizing you for being with a married man, but remember if he cheated on his wife how may cheat on you

Answer #3

If it was meant to be he’d of left his wife by now

Answer #4

If he really loved you, he wouldnt be married. Love is many things, but one thing it is not is unsure.

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