How do I get rid of little house flies?

They are these little flies and it seems my house is infested with them. We’ve used these litte sticky pads that work but just dont’ work well enough because it’s like they never reduce. Is there any other way I can get rid of them or like their eggs or somthing? Anything to reduce or get rid of them permanently.

Answer #1

if theyre realy small theyre fruit flies dont put food out on trays and bowls for decoration and change your garbage often and look for lost food something a dog might of hid or rolled under a couch

Answer #2

Oh Yeah and roach spray kills them but like I said they still keep coming.

Answer #3

Fruit flys can be eliminated. Fill a plastic bowl or cup that has a lid like a to go cup. Fill it with apple vinegar. Poke little holes in the lid. The flys are attracted to this. They get in drink and cant get out. They will be gone after about 2 weeks. Keep all other fruits out of the kitchen.

Answer #4

There’s not a lot you can do aside from hiring an exterminator

It goes against my faith to encourage you to kill them, however, but your best bet is to try to avoid them byu keeping food tightly sealed and cupboards and tables wiped clean

Answer #5

You can’t they called fruit flies and they never leave I have that problem right as we speak but I did read that you can get a jar or bottle and put vinger in it and a drop or two of oil so far it’s working but it still seems like they keep coming also use a banana they love water so they can be hatching around that so pour bleach down the sink hope that helps cause I know what you going threw.

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