How do I get rid of specific fat in my thighs, and stomach?

Okaay, so I’m not exactly fat, you could look at me and say I’m not, but I weigh 140 pounds and whenever I sit down I have one (almost 2) rolls and they reaally annoy me. Also my thighs are kind of big, not really, but id still like to lose some weight on theem. Any suggestions ? I dont always have time to excerise so I’d be relying more on my eating habits and a little bit exercise (enough to make a difference) I’d like to lose 25 pounds before this May. So any tips for excercise? Good dieting ways ? Thanks =)

Answer #1

I tried the special K challenge and it worked great for me, Maybe you could try that. Or, Just don’t eat too many fatty things and watch your calorie intake.

hope I helped. : )

Answer #2

Running up hills and Doing jumping jacks burns the fat in your thighs.

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