How do I get rid of dry skin on my face

I used this one acne wash thing I got from a dermentologist, but it dried my face out so much that now I can hardly put makeup on it, because its so dry. School is tomorrow and I want to look my best. Please help? =]

Answer #1

lotion BURNS the hell out of my skin. But that’s because I have sensitive skin. I still don’t recommend lotion though…Use a good moisturizer from a brand you trust. I recommend clinique. or something from lancome.

Answer #2

You could get a moisturizor that’ll help. I would recomend getting Olay. They have really good moisturizors. Some of those Accney creams don’t work well for everyone. Your skin is sensitive to that stuff.

Answer #3

Use the soft collection by clean and clear. kinda pricey, but worth it! get the in shower facial, night and day cream. the scrub isn’t all that great. and you get imediate results too!

Answer #4

Hi, probably dermatologist gave you very strong product with loads of alcohol or other drying out substance. I know they tend to do it. Buy Dermalogica gel (Clay Cleanser) it’s quite expensive, but it lasts very long and it’s brill, then use gentle toner and light cream for combination skin (avoid cosmetics with alcohol in them, as they tend to leave your skin too dry) Hope it helps,


Answer #5

hi ok so I’ve been to drmatoligists be for and have had similare thing but in tablet form and they have dryed my skin yo way to much !! my advice it wash your face with normal face wash be for school and afterward aplly a moisturise after washing one that has teatree or witch hazle wich is good for the skin!! then try going back to the dermatoligist and explan your problem and he/she may beable to give you something different that wont dry your skin up so much!! I dont no how old you are but there is a contraceptive pill which is great for the skin and stoping achne and spots completly its called (DIANETTE) it works because of the hormonse it has in it !!!


Answer #6

Lotion would work great! And washing your face would work too!

Answer #7

moisturize with a spot cream. thats all I can say really.x

Answer #8

face lotion.

Answer #9

so I got this neutrogena face cream and it extremley dried my face out I would reccomend using some olay or a face lotion if you have sensitive skin like I do stay away from using different brands of acne medication use soft things such as olay that will refresh and sooth your face.

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