How to get rid of dry skin left from a coldsaw?

I had a coldsaw and when it went it left like a red patch with dry skin, it is now 5 months later and it is still there, can someone please help me !

Answer #1

It may be something that only you notice as you know it is there? Try not to stress as this will make it worse. Because of the time of year your skin may have been quite dry, apply a good moisturiser to your face everyday (make sure you get one specifically for your face, as body ones will be too greasy and heavy) and also try something such as E45 cream on the specific area. This is good for really dry skin conditions, so may help. Also, using vaseline or another lip balm on your lips every day can help.

If this still does not clear up then I recommend popping to your local chemist/ pharmacy and asking the person behind the counter. They should be able to recommend something specific that will help, as they will have seen the issue in other people before :)

Answer #2

rub enough oil on skin

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