How do I get rid of the dry skin between my eyebrows?

After washing my face, my skin is dry so I apply lotion. But inbetween my eyebrows stays dry and flaky so when I put my makeup on it looks horrible in that area. What should I do?

Answer #1

you need to wash a couple times a week with an exfoliant. This will remove the dead skin. after, always apply a moisturizer like you have been doing and it should be gone within a few days. It would also really help if you got a hydration mask. A lot of skin lines are selling them now. apply the mask in a thicker layer to the area and leave it on all night. In the morning it will be absorbed and your dry skin will be gone.

Answer #2

YOu have to get a face exfoliant and use it on your face 2 times a week. do that and apply a good moisturizer and it should be gone in a few days. You can also try a hydration mask. put it on and leave it overnight.

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Answer #4

put a thick layer of lotion on it for an hour or even over night

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