How do I get my tennis skills back again?

So, it’s been ten years since I last played tennis regularly. On Sunday, a friend of mine played with me, and I have to say, my legs hurt, and I could barely return the ball. After an hour, I was beat. My backhand needs work, my forehand needs work, and I can’t serve it at all.

What do you think the best way to improve my tennis skills would be, so I don’t embarrass myself & make my friend not play with me?

Answer #1

I took a few lessons. A local pro will whip you into shape.

Answer #2

practice makes perfection ,s o just keep practicing

Answer #3

tennis is a life sport!! once you are in it, you have to play forever!!! haha I think you should definitely get a coach and find a regular tennis partner (be it your friend or someone you find online like craigslist!) Also, you should go to the wall after dinner. I do that every night and it is so relaxing and a good way to practice for a little bit.

Answer #4

join a tennis class for beginners. that’s what I did this summer and had so much fun meeting new people who sucked just as much as me!! (: haha, but it’s great if you just want to refresh your memory.

Answer #5

Try going to your gym nearby if you have one & practice there. Or even go outside & hit the ball up against your garage or your house or somewhere. Keep practicing & you’ll get better :) Make sure you stretch before, though!!!

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