How do i get my teeth to stop hurting?

Okay, I got my braces tightened, and the hurt like HECK. I've tried advil, and everything else. I also have to wear rubberbands. Those hurt sooo bad too. I feel like I want to bite into something sooo bad, or just rip them off. What do I do?!

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Hey I just got mine today and they hurt. Do this is the order I tell yu and they should stop hurting. 1. Drink a glass of cold water. 2. Take MOTRIN nothing else. 3. Put wax on the back teeth. 4. Drink a milkshake!

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I am a dental assistant, I work in a pediatric; orthodontic office.
I know it hurts, but only for a day or two and it will go away.
Just dont take out the rubber bands, because for everyday that you dont wear them, it sets you back, causing you just to have to wear the braces longer in the long run.

The more faithful you are with wearing them,the better your teeth will look, and I have seen in some cases that people who were diligent wearing them actually got their braces off a little bit sooner, I am not saying that happenes with everyone.
Only a few lucky ones.

Mortin will work better then advil for the pain,
The orothodontist I work for tells her patients that motrin is better for aches and pains, where as advil is better for fevers.

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I just got mine on yesterday. I only got a few hours sleep because the pain woke me up. When I brushed my teeth it soothed them for a while. I'm not sure if this is the case with everyone. Also I agree with 'Jellybeanperson' in the fact that soup is a lifesaver. But I'll tell you now, if you're going to get a piercing, get it before you get braces. The pain of the braces distracts you from the piercing. I got my septum done 2 hours beforehand, and I haven't had any trouble with it.

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yeah like tinker bell said it passes in a few days mine are the same

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try use some of the wax your orthodontist gave you :)

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ooh my goshh my teeth hurt sooo bad too!! :[[ I just got more braces put on my back teeth and they ar killing me!!!, I just wanna rip them off, drink cold water if your teeth hurt bad.

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Omg, I just got my braces on today and they hurt sooo bad! They didn't hurt when I first got them put on, but its been like 4 hours and they are really starting to hurt! I can't imagine what it's going to be like tomorrow! I have asked my friends about how long they hurt for. Some say a whole month, some say 1-2 weeks, but it's different for everyone. I have tried to take Ibuprofen, but it only helps for like and hour, and then I'm left with lots of pain in my mouth. I'm not sure what else to do, but if I could get some good advice, that would really help me out! =)

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haha good luck bud, so do I and it does when they get tightend, ooouch! I just got mine tightened and I have a 24 hour jazz benift concert tonight. BRING ON TEH PAIN! AHHH! I've tried everything, I actually ripped my wire off once, but just pop the ibuprofen man, thats all that I can say.

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I've tried everything. The best thing to do is use pain killers through the day and when it's night at least use Anvesol before you go to sleep so you can go peacefully without pain. Hopefully you won't feel your teeth when the numbness goes away, but it doesn't always work. It takes at least three days for my teeth to stop hurting. I just got mine tightened and my power chain has grown a size smaller to share with four teeth. It HURTS, but I will try to survive. Before my teeth started to hurt I had a fest so I wouldn't starve today. It's going to kill me tomorrow though.

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OMFG I just got mine on a day ago and I tried eating some thing but I hurts so I havent eatend for like a day and a half the only thing that makes me fell better is when I get my brases of my dad says I get to have mine whitend YAY. if you want them to fell better straight away eat jelly ice-cream cold water anthing cold that doesnt need to be chewed

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OMG!!! My teeth hurt like crazy!! I got my braces on yesterday,and they hurt so bad!! My mom had gievn me soup which had helped emensly!! But be careful it is no to hot if you have body temperature activated wires. I was so hungry that I ate a couple of peanuts.. IT HURT LIKE HECK!!! So be careful in what you eat and not do what I did. well anyway motrin helps a lot with the pain and tylenol as well will help you in your pain. It may hurt now but it will lead to a beautiful smile in the end!!

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I just got my braces and soup is a LIFESAVER. I've been eating yogurt, pudding jello and soup, but I've also found out that I can also eat things like fortune cookies if I let them dissolve. Just nothing crunchy it hurts. Trust me I went out for chinese food, and lemon chicken is definitely not good for you. I actually dissected it and just swalloved the chicken part whole. Pudding and soup are probobly your best bet.

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I am scared :(
I am getting braces on Tuesday and I play the saxophone.
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MINE HURT FOR 3-5 DAYS AT A TIME!!! like omfg and I dont even have rubber bands! and the spacers I had hurt worse than my braces do. I litterally ripped them out of my mouth after 3 days. (I was supposed to wear them for 2/3 weeks). and right now I just got my braces tightened like at 2:40 pm. it hurts like a B*T*H. right now I just want to rip my teeth out. and I get my braces off in august. I've had mine for 3+ years. I cannot wait untill I get them off. they stopped putting colors on my teeth so now I have just these ugly gray wire things around my brackets that supposedly moves them faster. >. :)

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If nothing is working, you can try holding a hot compress against your mouth. It might help with the achiness.

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I just got mine in and they killl. but it is worth it for a beautiful smile!! :-) I took aleve and it didnt help at all so learn from my mistake. oragel works for like 5 min. but after that they hurt again. my advice is to either keep yourself busy and try to ignore it or eat ice cream REALLY SLOWLY let it melt in your mouth. it not only tastes better, but it will soothe your mouth by being cold but soft and you dont have to chew. sucking through straws hurt for me so milkshakes dont work, and vanilla ice cream works the best because it is purely churned and doesnt have add ins. hope you feel better!!

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hey I just got mine tightened yesterday and they put a powerwire on it hurts so freakin bad!!! I have senstive teeth so putting cold ice cream and cold water on them is a big no no. I havent tried motrin yet but as sooon as I finish typing I will be heading to cvs to get some...

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Braces hurt like shit! I wish there is some way to take them off for a while and put them back on again, I just wanna get them out! My best suggestion is chew with inner teeth, if you know what I mean, then just don't do anything to it, the more you do, the worse it gets

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I got my braces changed yesterday and they put a chain on my bottom teeth and it HURTS I'm gonna try some soup though. And P.S Don't eat cinnamin toast crunch :)

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