Does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth pulled?

Does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth pull? getting my thurs. am scared:(

Answer #1

It doesn’t hurt at all. You’ll just feel a little pressure and pulling, you might hear some cracking though but you souldn’t have any pain :)

Answer #2

Mine did not hurt at all because they put me to sleep…afterwards you are tired and dizzy but it still doesn’t really hurt…The worst feeling I ever had was coping with the fact I had holes in my gums…but the only pain you will ever feel is if you get a drysocket by drinking soda or out of a straw within a time period after getting your wisdom teeth pulled

Answer #3

I think it depends on your surgeon… Mine was amazing… They knocked me out, so I wasnt awake during the procedure, then I had my painkiller prescription filled, took it, went to class right after and I was fine… The trick is to take the pain killer before the anesthetic wears out and keep taking it whatever the recommended time is… I really didnt feel any pain and there was minimal swelling, no bleeding… I was fine in a few days (I know this is kinda rare, I’ve never heard anyone else say this)

Answer #4

Its not so bad, doesn’t your dentist offer nitrous or “twilight sleep”? It costs extra but if you are really scared ask him to use it. If you are careful, rinse often to keep the sockets clean, don’t smoke until they’re healed. (Cigarettes, anything else–hm,hm). Smoking pulls air and makes a suction which can pull out the forming clot. A dry socket will hurt like he**, so be a good girl! They usually send you home w/ Vicodin(at least most dentists do–some use Darvocet) and after the bleeding stops you can use Motrin which will help w/ the swelling which the Tylenol in the Vicodin can’t do. Relax!! you will be just fine!!

Answer #5

Depends on what they give you for the surgery if it hurts during. More than likely you will not feel anything but preasure and discomfort during the surgery. After the surgery is pretty much the worst thing I have been through aside from getting sprayed with OC. Just keep on all the meds they give you exactly as they prescibe them. I wouldn’t recommend taking the narcotics they give you too often… it will feel great at first but when you run out you will really be hating life. BTW bottom heal a lot slower than top and hurt/discomfort worse. Goodluck.

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