How do I get my stamina back and find some balance?

I’m tired and I have no stamina and I’m falling apart in school. I just can’t find balance. I’m great with extremes, like I could either have straight A’s or never turn in any assignments and get all 0’s. I’m just not so great with the happy mediums. Winter Break starts in a couple of days but I’m ruining my GPA already. I have this one year to make up for messing up in ninth and tenth grade. I want so much to prove to myself and to everyone that I really can learn from past experience. I want to always fulfill my obligations no matter what, but I work so inefficiently and school’s really draining my energy. I need to get my act together and I can’t quit the few clubs I’m in because my only extracurriculars are things I plan to pursue in and after college. I just can’t stop hating high school. HELP!!! I’m ruining my life! I’ve been working to gain credibility and fix my GPA all year and now it’s falling apart!!

Answer #1

train in martial arts it teaches selfasteam focus memory balance personal care all sorts of important skills that your looking for and its fun i like it there are so many options try something like MMA i think you will really like it

Answer #2

if i was you i would get a friend to help me. you can help eachother (no boy/girlfreinds though they just destracte you). set up a time that works for you both and get together from once a day to once a week. you ca show eachother study skills and make sure that the other one is prepared for tests or other things. make sure that you are both dedicated to this and won’t spend the whole time goofing off. make sure that you spend the whole time that you decided on either working on asignments or studying for a test together, or just trying to figure out ways to help eachother concentrate. i hope this is usefull, keep me posted on how it wors out k?

Answer #3

I agree with Brian…you should look into taking a martial art (this could also be a club @ school that could count as extracurricular activity)…Martial arts helps you focus your mind as well as your body and will give you amazing stamina and energy!

I take judo and it’s made me so much more fit than I ever thought possible and I have so much more energy to do other things in my life. I sleep better at nite also b/c the workouts are so intense and I’m not up all nite worrying about life & stuff…It’s also made me more confident about myself.

There are lots of different martial arts forms…some are better for self defense and others –like judo–are good for that but even more for just getting in really good shape and giving you an outlet.

hope this helps!

Answer #4

Get your head straight. Quit being lazy and do the work. That’s the best advice. Nothing will be handed to you so work for it! You’ll feel so accomplished after! Get a good night’s rest too.

Ok, what brian8you said may work… But if you’re already stressed, dont add to it maybe?

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