Will I get in trouble if the bus dirver finds it?

I wrote on a note and it said the word bitches on it. I crumpled it up and gave it to my friend but I dont think she threw it away.

Will I get in trouble if the bus dirver finds it?!?!

Answer #1

LMAO you wont get in trouble the bus driver dont really care cause he/she are only taking you to school and back home so he/she will throw it away anyway!!! soo you can stop worrie’n they wont do nothing to you!!!

Answer #2

You won’t get in trouble. Whats the likelyhood that the bus drivers gonna open it up and read it? Not very likely.

Answer #3

Did you put your name on it?

I’m not sure what kind of rules your bus line has, but I know that here, if someone were caught writing a note like that it would result in a warning - a second time would be a bus suspension.

Answer #4

I wouldnt think so its not that bad rilly I dont think your gonna get in truoble for it =]

Answer #5

lmfao Why did you even write that,anyway? I cussed someone out in fifth grade and got in trouble,but that was a lot of cuss words…On the bus. I didn’t get in much trouble. I just got yelled at. So,probably not much. If you signed your name,they’ll find you!! Did you?

Answer #6

I dont think so because the busdriver probably wouldnt even know it was you. and plus the busdriver isnt an important person to the school, so if you do get in trouble, hell probably just say never to do it again

Answer #7

LOLOLOL don’t worry it’ll b ok

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