Will I get help back if I don't pay my art fee.

Will I get held back in ALL of my classes if I don’t pay my fee?

Answer #1

I wouldn’t think so. Your school Might just send a notice to your parents saying that they need to pay a school fee. Hope I helped =)

Answer #2

at my school, they just hold your report card. well they say they do. you still get it.. unfortunatley. :) lol

Answer #3

oh okay, that is what I was hoping for, I will have it payed by graduation of course! but it’s $20, thanks! That was bothering me.

Answer #4

no problem! hope my answer helped! =] let me know if you have any questions about anything, I’ll be glad to help!

Answer #5

how big is your fee? because most of the time, they will just keep your reportcard, and the fee carrys on to the next year. ALSO: if you dont have your feee paid by highschool graduation, they can prevent you from graduatiing untill the fee(s) is/are paid.

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