How do I get my baby to stop bed time feeding?

Every night my daughter emma takes a bottle to bed. I know that’s bad because she will start always wanting to be a bedtime eater and not want to eat when she is supposed to. so my question do I help her stop?

Another question, and don’t say just keep working on it, because I am. I want to know what other natural things I can give her at six months. I am a naturalist and I’m not sure what to do at six months.

Answer #1

this is a pro-bottle post!

I am a keen advocate for bottles lol! I breat fed my first for 9 months and my second for 2 months, and both of them had bottles until they were quite a bit older, but with babies bottles are often a comfort and I believe, personally, that withdrawing that comfort from one so young may be traumatic.

the whole teeth issue is tosh too, obviously if you put juice of coke in the bottle it’s gunna rot their teeth, but not water of diluited milk. and my boys teeth are all completely straight, my friends little one had his bottle taken of him quite young and he started sucking his thumb, he now has really pushed out front teeth from thumb sucking and will need a brace. so bottle is better than thumb!

also, if you’re still breastfeeding, then put breast milk in it? if you’re really keen to get her off, then wean her off, dilute her milk with boiled water a little bit every other day. she won’t notice the change that much, and if she does then it’s never to early to teach them that whats there, is there and thats it.

and reply to dawnathen, my littleist one remembers being inhospital when he was a baby and being left to cry in the cubicle, and no hates doctors hospitals - anything medically related (which is a pain since I am a nurse and am eitherina hospital or a GP surgery lol!)

but it has been proven that a huge majority of peoples memorys from baby life are actually real and not imprinted from stories or pictures. a different side of the brain is used for implemented memory and real memory, so when my boys remember their childhood, I want them to remember something un-traumatic. and they are both happy, stable - straight teethed little boys…well ones going into puberty, but that a whole other story lol!

Answer #2

Let her feed before bed. When she cries for her bottle after you lay her down, just let her cry. there is nothing wrong with her. If she eats before bed you know she isn’t hungry. She just needs to get used to a different routine.

Answer #3

my son is one years old and has his night bottle every night before bed,even if it one or two sips or a whole bottle! I definately think it is a comfort thing for himcos as soon as that bottle is in his mouth he falls asleep in an instant, and only wakes up the next morning! and every ones happy! I dont think there’s anything wrong with a bottle at bedtime, nothing better than warm milk before bed even for an adult! :)

let things happen naturally, he certainly wont be having his bottle at bedtime forever,so let your baba enjoy it for now while she can, she’s only a baby once :)

Answer #4

welll my lil brother did stop with a bottle but we still allowed him to take his cup into his bedroom untill her was around 1 and a half but now he gets his last drinks around dinner time and he ate everything he loved cheese puffs and mac and cheese around then and yeah the doctor said we should give him that because he is to young but it did nothin to him

Answer #5

Well my 2 year old daughter still takes a sippy cup to bed..its really NO big deal!

Answer #6

Give her water instead of milk/formula.

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