How do i get my 1 yr old to eat properly?

My daughter is 1 yr old. When she was born she did not get any breast milk because I produced none. She only weights 25lbs and does not want anything prpoper to eat. I try hear with solids, porridge, mac an cheese but all she craves is icicle which is of no substance. Any advice as to how to make her eat I would gladly take.

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Take her to the doctor and see what he suggests

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Stuff she can 'dunk' into salad dressing is fun. Bell pepper slices, carrot sticks, and broccoli are delicious in ranch dressing. Make them leap into the air, dive into a cup of ranch dressing, and spin into her mouth. Encourage her to do the same.

Mac and cheese is not healthy by itself- it's loaded with fat. If you get the whole wheat kind, and put peas (or we use cooked broccoli too) in it, use skim milk, and add some chopped chicken or other lean meat, that makes it a bit more nutritious.

My son loves, loves, LOVES frozen fruit. Frozen peaches, diced small, and frozen blueberries (halved); finger foods that are small enough she wont choke, but frozen so they're cool like an icicle, she may like.

If you have her HELP you make stuff (I know, she's one...)- she can help you wash patatoes, or help you pick out carrots. She can help you find different veggies in the veggie drawer (that'd be a great learning experience too!).

Pick out three veggies, tell her to pick at least ONE to eat- then she can wash it (while you help) and you can prepare it for her to eat. When you give children a choice (but control their options), they're more likely to be willing to eat the thing.

She's the child, you're the parent. Don't cave to her demands of an icicle or whatever- tell her she can have one after she eats ALL of her veggies, and most of the rest of her lunch.

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you can also blend up healthe stuff. or simply tell her the icepops are no longer being sold.
pick out a few things that you would like her to eat, and tell her to choose one. see if that works.

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well sometimes I remember what worked for me was that to make food that are just healthy and boring fun. When you make something look fun is more fun to eat it!

Fox example if you are traing to just give him coliflour try to make it look like a sheep and decorate it whit other vegetables and have fun whit it! At the end he will eat it!!!


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well just to let you know,25 lbs. is the perfect weight for a one year little sister is 15 months old and she weighs 25lbs.

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I'm pregnant && it will be the first but I know that all my friends have kids and they just keep there babies on schedules so if you maybe make him/her start eatting on a schedule they will be more likely too eat.

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